Below, explore OLAM's diverse range of resources addressing international development, humanitarian aid, global service, and the Jewish tradition of compassion towards the world's most vulnerable populations.

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OLAM Highlights 2023

OLAM's annual highlights report details what OLAM did in 2023 to support our network, so that they can do the work they do around the world, including - for the first time for many of them - in Israel, to improve the world.

On the Ethics & Efficacy of Providing Support to Others

This source sheet, part of OLAM's Jewish Learning Journey series, examines the concept of a savior mentality in charitable endeavors.

Israel as a Global Citizen

This source sheet, part of OLAM's Jewish Learning Journey series, examines the role of Israel and the Jewish people's role in the world.
Apr 3, 2024

Universalism and Particularism in Jewish Tradition

This source sheet, part of OLAM's Jewish Learning Journey series, explores the delicate balance and the tension between universalism and particularism in Judaism.

The Case for Global Responsibility

This source sheet, part of OLAM's Jewish Learning Journey series, looks at the question of Jewish responsibility in a globalized world.
Apr 2, 2024

Helping the Helpers

How OLAM and SID-Israel supported Israeli international development and humanitarian aid organizations in the aftermath of the October 7th Hamas attack.

Humility in the Pursuit of Justice

Anavah (humility) is a cornerstone of Jewish values and beliefs, no less important than the pursuit of justice and chesed (acts of loving kindness). This sourcebook contains traditional and modern sources about humility.

OLAM Highlights 2022

OLAM's 2022 highlights report looks at how we harnessed the power of the partnerships we have forged in order to realize these goals and increase our impact.

Preliminary Lessons from Jewish and Israeli Responses to the Crisis in Ukraine

OLAM commissioned this report on the Jewish & Israeli response to the crisis in Ukraine.

OLAM Highlights 2021

OLAM's 2021 highlights report summarizes OLAM’s achievements throughout the year, which could not have been possible without the collaboration of our board members, funders, partners, members, and the Jewish community at large.

Ethical Practices Resources

A list of resources, curated by OLAM, dealing with the pursuit of ethical practices in international development, humanitarian aid, and global volunteering.

Consequences of Covid: Highlights from the 2020 OLAM Partner Survey

OLAM surveyed its partner organizations in early 2021 to understand how the Covid-19 pandemic affected them, their staff size, and programs. The data focuses on 2020, and includes responses from 48 of 51 OLAM partner organizations.
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