Annual subsidies to help you connect, collaborate, and strengthen capacity

for partner organizations
for individual members

OLAM also provides microgrants for ethical best practices and financial support for Focal Point.

How can you use your OLAM in Motion subsidy?

Attend a Jewish Conference

A subsidized economy flight or train ticket and/or conference registration fee to attend a Jewish conference as either a presenter, participant, or member of an OLAM delegation.

Organize a Jewish Speaking Tour

A subsidized economy flight for a speaking tour in front of Jewish audiences who have not previously hosted your organization. A speaking tour must include a minimum of four speaking engagements, either in one city or multiple cities.

Collaborate within OLAM's Network

Certain expenses related to a new collaborative project with another OLAM partner organization or member, and/or learning from the work of an OLAM partner.

Strengthen Your Organization's Capacity

Fees for consultancy services to develop organizational skills, such as communications, marketing, fundraising, strategic planning, and recruitment. (This category is not available to individual members.)

How does it work?

Apply for your OLAM in Motion subsidy

Apply for your OLAM in Motion subsidy at least 14 business days before departure or before beginning your consultancy. Late or retroactive requests will not be accepted. Please do not book travel or hire a consultant before you receive an approval in writing. OLAM will email you with a response within seven  business days after you submit your application.

Make all necessary arrangements

Once your subsidy request is approved, book your travel, sign a contract with a consultant, or make plans for collaborating with another partner. Make sure to keep your receipts for reimbursement as you incur costs.

Submit your reimbursement form within 30 days

Within 30 days from the date of the expense, you MUST submit your completed reimbursement form and all relevant receipts and invoices (for flights, conference registration, consultant fees, etc.).

All receipts and/or invoices must be in the name of the partner organization or individual member submitting for reimbursement. If the receipt for a flight or conference fee is in the name of a specific partner staff member, OLAM will need a written confirmation from the partner that the staff member is an employee of that organization.

You must also share 3-5 photos from the experience and report back on specific metrics, on OLAM's feedback form. (For a more detailed explanation of the full reimbursement process see FAQs below.)

Receive payment

OLAM in Motion subsidies are awarded in the form of reimbursements, processed retroactively after your travel or other expenses have taken place. Reimbursements will be made either in US Dollars or Israeli NIS and all payments are based on the exchange rate on the date of purchase. Please note that reimbursements processed in US Dollars will come from OLAM’s US-based fiscal sponsor, Repair the World.

What people are saying

“This opportunity would not have been an option without OLAM. NALA’s network increased drastically from the visit, and it completely changed the way I think about engaging with the Jewish community in North America. The encounters really helped ‘fill my battery’ after an intense period that left me somewhat drained.”

Jacob Sztokman, Founding Director, Gabriel Project Mumbai

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Name Surname

Position, Company name

I am deeply grateful that OLAM in Motion enabled me to take part in a highly rewarding partnership with Gabriel Project Mumbai, and to work with their team so that together, we could tell impactful, human-centered stories through powerful visual imagery. I hope I get the chance to do the same for other OLAM partners.

Jesse Kornbluth, OLAM Individual Member

The opportunity to explore partnerships with the San Diego Jewish community would not have been an option without OLAM. NALA’s network increased drastically from the visit, and it completely changed the way I think about engaging with the Jewish community in North America.

Michal Bruck, NALA

The support of OLAM that enabled me to attend the GA, and continually allows JDC Entwine to be a presence at Jewish gatherings, is essential to deepening our organizational impact. Being part of Jewish discussions about global aid and disaster response work allowed me to deepen connections with partners and colleagues, and to learn more about how the Jewish community is working alongside one another to advance common goals.

Andrew Belinfante, JDC Entwine

Through OLAM in Motion, NATAN connected with Jewish audiences throughout the US, introduced our organization’s work to prominent synagogues and a school, and even managed to organize a successful fundraising event while in the US! This not only resulted in donations for NATAN, but helped us strengthen ties to existing supporters, find new ones, and identify potential new volunteers.

Danny Kahn, NATAN

Thanks to the subsidy, Mensch was able to hire a fundraising consultant, which resulted in us raising an extra 50% of our operational budget for the coming year, and set us on a course for professionalizing and systematizing our fundraising. Thank you OLAM for this empowering gift!

Gina Flash, Mensch

Thanks to OLAM in Motion, I was able to come to Focal Point and learn how a project to empower the local community may transform a neglected neighborhood into an attractive one. It was an amazing experience.

Ernest Ngabonzima, Glocal alumnus

Our collaboration with the Arava Institute, subsidized by OLAM in Motion, has already inspired the Department of Politics and Government at Ben-Gurion University to initiate their own partnership with them. The unique and enriching experience offered by the Arava Institute is truly unparalleled, and we are so grateful for this opportunity.

Michal Zvieli, Ben-Gurion University Africa Centre

Applications for subsidies will be accepted on a rolling basis from January 16, 2024 until November 30, 2024.

OLAM in Motion funds are limited, so you should apply as early as possible in the year to maximize your funding opportunities.

Please note that the subsidy will be counted toward the year you actually receive the reimbursement, not the year you submit the application. (If you apply for a subsidy in November for a conference taking place early the next year, the subsidy will count towards the year the conference took place, and you will not be eligible for another reimbursement that year.)

Consider the carbon footprint of your travel

While OLAM supports collaboration and learning across borders, we encourage you to consider the carbon footprint of your travel, and to think about whether there is any way to reduce it (i.e.: fly direct, offset your flight, combine trips, etc.).


Who can apply for an OLAM in Motion subsidy?

OLAM in Motion is a benefit to OLAM partner organizations and individual members. All staff members of OLAM partner organizations are eligible to apply for OLAM in Motion subsidies, provided they have the approval of their CEO and the partner has completed the annual partner renewal survey. All individual members must have paid their membership fee for the current year in order to access the subsidy. An OLAM partner or individual member may not re-allocate their OLAM in Motion subsidy to another OLAM partner organization or individual member. If your organization is not an OLAM partner organization or you would like to become an individual member, please contact us to see if you are eligible.

How much money are we talking about?

OLAM partner organizations can apply for up to $1,500 in subsidies per calendar year. Individual members can apply for up to $500 in subsidies per calendar year. The subsidy will be counted toward the year in which you submit your Feedback and Reimbursement Form, not the year you submit your Application Form. This means that if you apply for a subsidy in November for a conference taking place early the next year, the subsidy will count towards the year the conference is actually held, and you will not be eligible for another reimbursement that year (unless you did not use your entire subsidy allocation). For travel, OLAM in Motion subsidies are earmarked for economy class flights, economy train tickets, and conference registration fees.

Is there an application deadline?

Applications for subsidies for the 2024 calendar year will be accepted on a rolling basis through November 30, 2024. There are, however, a limited number of subsidies. The earlier in the year you apply, the more likely you are to receive the funds!

Who should submit the application form?

If traveling, the person traveling must fill out the application form. All application forms from partner organizations must have the prior approval of the CEO.

When will I know if my OLAM in Motion application was approved?

You will receive an email from OLAM staff within 7 days of submitting your application.

What is the reimbursement process?

You must submit receipts for reimbursement within 30 days of the date you have spent the funds and these will be on the basis of proof of payment with receipts from vendors, consultants, etc. Please note, these subsidies may not be used to fund staff on payroll. Receipts/invoices that are submitted have to be made out to the partner organization (not to a specific staff member) or to the individual member requesting the reimbursement. If receipts are in a different currency than you will be reimbursed, please follow the instructions on the reimbursement form to convert each receipt. Please note that reimbursements processed in US dollars will come from OLAM’s US-based fiscal sponsor, Repair the World. Reimbursements will be made in either US dollars or Israeli NIS.

What costs do OLAM in Motion cover?

For travel expenses (to a Jewish conference, a speaking tour, or visiting another partner for collaboration and learning) – subsidies are earmarked for economy class flights, economy train tickets, and conference registration fees.

What costs are not covered by OLAM in Motion?

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some examples of what OLAM in Motion will not cover: A salary of someone already on staff or hiring of a new staff member; Travel expenses of a consultant; Lawyer or legal fees for mergers and acquisitions; Speaking engagements targeting alumni of a partner organization; Speaking engagements in communities in which the partner has already spoken; For travel subsidies – taxis, cancellation fees, flight class upgrades, room or board, per diem for food, equipment, visas, vaccinations, or any other expenses, travel-related or otherwise; Purchasing virtual platforms, such as communication platforms (e.g. Zoom) or program management systems (e.g. Zoho, Monday, or Slack); Ongoing business-related expenses (e.g. renting office space, long-term equipment rental, ongoing subscription fees for software, web hosting, etc.); The development of a skill that’s not directly related to one of the three OLAM in Motion categories. No aspect of the OLAM in Motion opportunity may involve an attempt to influence legislation, the outcome of any specific public election, or support of any voter registration drive.

Can OLAM in Motion be applied to expenses already incurred?

OLAM in Motion cannot be applied to an expense that has already been incurred. OLAM in Motion is only for future expenses.

How do applications and reimbursements work if OLAM partners or members are collaborating on a project or initiative?

Each partner organization or member needs to submit their own application form and reimbursement form. Invoices that are submitted must be in the name of the organization submitting for reimbursement. Receipts and invoices cannot overlap with the collaborating organizations – each organization needs to submit unique receipts.

Can one OLAM partner or member re-allocate their subsidy to another partner or member?

No. Each partner can access up to $1500 and each member can access up to $500 per calendar year. These funds can only be used towards an opportunity utilized by the person who applied (and/or their colleagues at partner organizations).

How do I make the most of my OLAM in Motion subsidy?

OLAM is happy to help facilitate connections for meetings or potential speaking opportunities within Jewish communities, connections to Jewish communal professionals, other Jewish individuals or organizations working in the field, and/or expert advisors. OLAM can also refer you to capacity building platforms and partner organizations who have utilized consultants in the past for various capacity building efforts. Please indicate in the application form if you are interested in our support.

Will OLAM book my flight or conference registration, or hire a consultant for my organization?

No. You are directly responsible for managing your own planning and expenses, unless we explicitly indicate otherwise. Please wait to book flights/register for a conference/hire a consultant until after receiving written approval from OLAM.

What does OLAM ask for in return for receipt of the subsidy?

In return for receiving a subsidy from OLAM, you are expected to submit your reimbursement form in a timely manner (within 30 days from the date of the expense). We encourage you to share in detail about your subsidized experience, and we may ask to use your feedback in OLAM materials and social media.

We ask you to acknowledge OLAM’s role in any organizational activities or deliverables derived from this subsidy. For example, when posting about your attendance at a Jewish conference on social media, please include a line acknowledging that your participation was made possible by OLAM and linking to our website and Facebook page.

Still have questions?